Photo by Colin M. Gould

Teaching philosophy

  1. Providing opportunities for inquiry-based learning – Presenting information accurately is not enough to build intuition. To understand complex topics, students need to probe the ideas themselves and be invested in the outcome.
  2. Connecting theory to applications – Mathematical theory can feel sterile and alien at times. Computational examples anchor these ideas, and practical projects help to develop mathematical sophistication and creativity.
  3. Reducing implicit bias – Heterosexual white men are overrepresented in mathematics, which has led implicit biases in academia that disenfranchise students who lack representation. It is my responsibility to ensure that my students and colleagues have the support that they need and know that they belong in the highest rungs of academia.

Current courses

ECE 353: Introduction to Probability and Random Signals
Winter 2022
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Oregon State University
See Canvas for course materials

Past courses

Topics in Signal Processing
Summer 2017, Winter 2018
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Paderborn

Calculus for Physical Scientists III
Spring 2015
Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University

Mathematical Algorithms in MATLAB/Maple
Spring 2014, Spring 2016
Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University

Calculus for Physical Scientists I
Fall 2011, Spring 2013
Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University